EP METTA CARTER 2018

How else can I tell you / everything you mean to me / how else can I show you / Everything you make me feel / Like cotton / Like power / Like the softest rain / oh the way you kiss me/ the way....


Are you down with the classic Jazz ballade, soul edge and retro vibe, or you just want to shake well in both the soft and the cool way, watch out for Metta Carter. A charismatic and mature singer rooted in American jazz / blues / gospel / rock and soul music. Metta's personal interpretation of soul belongs to all corners of the world, from nordic harmonies, asian soundscapes to american Jazz.

If the name seems more than familiar, that's probably because Metta Carter is not brand new - at least not in Denmark. She opened "Youngsters Laboratories" a VIP event in collaborations with the Royalty and Minister of Culture, at the State Museum of Art in double concert with Outlandish ft. the now world-famous Noah Carter. Metta's son. The song "Promise of Love" dedicated to the fight against racism, and subsequent DK tour with Human rights Photographer Jacob Holdt, became a musical milestone for Metta, where philanthropic work and music are immensely heard. The two met in New York, where Metta Carter lived for a number of years.

The term "Messages" was given to her at a concert in Seoul South Korea, from which Metta originally originated. Metta has worked for many years, and she was nominated for the best track at the Danish World Music Awards. The song "All the love".

A singer with a wide variety of colors in her entertainment and storytelling. 



"I don't just write songs, to write songs, 
I write because life's a struggle".

This morning I woke up my son said to me/ there are no such thing as race/ 

that word is history. Raging in my pain/to prove my point/ chains and defeat of my race/ tears on my face/ I realized the importance of these words/ this child said.
Words never spoken before/ an open door/ to deliberation from the pain I felt/ deliberation from all the labels / the scars that we deal with all through our lives/ 

from lovers/ daughters/ sons, men and wifes.
We who believe in matters of the heart and cry every time we fail/ he who had the key to unlock this jail of slavery and misery/ as victimized as we wanna be/ on every matter of life feel free.
Yes there are no pain/ no fear/ no guilt/ no shame.
Love is all there is from beginning to the end.
These are the words of a spiritual revolution/ let's call it a human revolution, 

where hearts and minds are one 


Declaration of voulnerability


"A soundscape space between the numbers -ties my life, the music -together. 

The songs and the music reflects a lifetime. An expression for an extraordinary and challenging journey as transnationally adopted from Korea to Denmark. With both American and Korean roots, 

An outer influence is provoked by time and place. 

- to an internal reference point, a world of harmony, and chaos -through, loss, pain and surrendering.

My aim in the music is to enrich, expand and uplift. 

To set free in acknowledgement of the entire spiritual "accessories" from disharmony to romantic illusions, and authenticity in the feeling. 

Unique solo parties as part of the structure between the numbers so the individual talent comes to full expression in musical dialogue with the musicians,  In a creative blend of voice and sound. I feel , they play - they feel -we create a union.

My performance is usually characterized by a dialogue targeted towards the audience, and I often experience my audience both crying as well as laughing at my concerts, as well as coming out with outbreaks and recommendations. This kind of "Shamanism"  harmony is my unique performance strength besides being able to bear the silence.


The purity of the honest representation of "Blue feelings" the true feeling behind the word, leaving a lasting and fearless impression. I dare you.

Makes us spacious without fear of grief, loss, love, power, Thank God for the doubt or rebellion through music. An artistic experience, created to create cohesion, rather than escapism" 

Her classic Jazz rock vocal is uniquely her own. 

Whether it's the risk in the free jazz soul as we know it from Janis Joplin in the 60's or whether it's the political message that looks directly at our human darkness and leads us down the streets and alleys of Roberta Flack's New York City, as well as on the bottom of the sea of her own heart in the songs "The Present State" and "Fainted Love",

The songs are built around Metta's dynamics from the most careful bleeding to the great and outspoken vocal-universe. Surrender, fragility, humility. power and live expression.

"Soft Like Morning Rain" and "It's True What They said" a genuine classical Jazz rock Ballads, 

rooted in Mettas life as hippie child during the 60'thies and 70'ies scandinavia. 

It is Metta's disclose with her EP.

"Love is the sum of all"

The key word is integrity, vitality and the strong life story behind the drama of the songs. Universes where the story of loss and whispering soft love rain, takes us to a beautiful melancholic and fragile jazz ballades.The classic chords paint a pure picture, an un shattered painting. How can the soul find its place in the great cosmology? Can the soul free itself from her prison through love, through the other? Do we remember to appreciate the love and will we travel in the name of freedom?

The great contrasts between verses and delusions that underpin the dynamics of Metta's compositions are taken from Metta Carter's own life, with efforts to create a harmoniously available super-fat universe of melodiousness, in response to unfortunate and somewhat painfully beautiful events, as Metta says "Love and music" is the sum of all. 

A place to express the nature in me".

Metta Carter has been described as a "message singer " that has sung for the good cause for many years now, now she is performing with her solo EP release, where the most intense emotions are released. "With roots seated in the American soul, jazz and rock n roll, Metta wants to create songs" that don't have to do "anything but to be genuine.